Your Quintessential Guide to Quality Time

Statement of Faith

We believe that God created man and that He created them male and female. As such He created them different so as to complement and complete each other. God instituted monogamous marriage between male and female as the foundation of the family and the basic structure of human society. Therefore, we perform and mentor marriages in accordance with Biblical guidelines. (Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:4-6; John 4:16-18; Romans 1:18-32; 1 Corinthians 5:11, 6:9-11. 6:18-20, 7:1-3 and 7:8-9; Galatians 5:19-21; Ephesians 5:3-7; 1 Timothy 1:9-11)

Quality time with your spouse – what would your relationship be without it? While it can sometimes seem like a luxury amidst your busy lives, it’s actually a vital ingredient for a marriage that stands the test of time.

Why is it so important?

For one, spending quality time together helps you bond and nurture your connection. If you’ve been feeling disconnected lately, not prioritizing quality time can sometimes be the reason why. Second, quality time is an opportunity to fill each other’s cup. You’ve probably heard of love languages, and one of them is quality time! If this is one or both of your languages, then spending time together will help you feel loved and cherished. And third, quality time with you partner helps you gain a sense of balance in multiple areas of your life. For example, it helps you balance togetherness and separateness. When life is hectic, prioritizing time together ensures you aren’t spending too much time apart. It can also help you in the area of work-life balance, providing a reprieve from workaholism and the stress that comes with it.

How do we make the most of it?

The interesting thing about quality time is that it’s limited. That’s part of what makes it so valuable, something to be savored. It’s sort of like going on vacation – knowing it’s a rare experience that contrasts your regular day-to-day life – is what makes it so special. All of that to say, you probably want to get the most out of the time you’re spending together (hence why it’s called quality time and not just time).

  • Need three quick tips to up the quality of your quality time? Check them out here.
  • Have you noticed that your work has been seeping into all hours of your day, including what should be quality time with your partner? If so, you’ll want to create these boundaries.
  • Sometimes the more you want to enjoy a special moment with your spouse, the more difficult it can be to truly be present in them. If you’ve experienced this, here are three things that might be stealing your memorable moments – and how to reclaim them.

Are there other obstacles? If so, how can we overcome them?

Unfortunately, there are other things that can be obstacles to spending quality time together – things that are mostly out of our hands or just part of life. The key is figuring out how to manage those obstacles, even if you can’t eliminate them.

  • There are certain times of year that can be consistently chaotic, such as back-to-school or the holiday season. Or unique situations like the time surrounding a big event for your family. It can feel impossible to squeeze in quality time amidst so much going on. These tips refer to the holidays, but you can apply them to anytime that feels hectic.
  • What happens if you’re just busy all the time? Unfortunately, many couples would probably put themselves in this category. Left unchecked, this can have a negative effect on your marriage. Avoid this route by prioritizing these four things. And when you just simply don’t have the time, keep these 10 ways to connect in 10 minutes or less in your back pocket.
  • Sometimes it isn’t time that’s the issue, but a lack of shared interests. This can make it seem like your separate hobbies are competing with spending quality time together, which is not a great dynamic for your relationship. If you can relate, then check out these tips.

Quality time comes in many forms.

It’s easy to get locked into the idea that marital quality time equals date nights, but the truth is, it can – and should – come in other forms as well! Thinking outside the box about what constitutes quality time will not only give you more opportunities to fit it in, but it will also make it more interesting and fun. Avoid the same-old by considering the following:

  • Double or group dates aren’t too much of a stretch from a regular date night, but they can be a great opportunity to bond with your spouse while also nurturing friendships with other couples. In fact, having couple friends has some great benefits – check them out here.
  • Doing a project together might not sound very appealing, but hear us out. Choosing a project to do together – with thought and intention – can actually be a great way to spend quality time together and grow as a couple. Wondering what we mean? Read more here.
  • Volunteering together can be deeply fulfilling, both on an individual level and as a way to spend time together. Need more reasons to try it? Explore them here.
  • Did you know there are hidden opportunities to connect scattered throughout your day? The keys it finds them, and leverage them! Here are a few examples, but we bet you can find more.

So, there you have it: the ins and outs of quality time with your spouse. Hopefully this guide has helped you understand its importance and how you can make the most of it. Throughout your marriage, you’ll encounter obstacles to prioritizing that time together, but by learning to mitigate them and think outside the box, you’ll benefit your relationship in the long run.