Our Vision

To be near and like Jesus.

Our Mission

To be disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. 

BC Prayer Rhythm

Download this resource to access our churchwide prayer rhythm for the weeks leading up to Easter!

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We’d love to meet you and help you connect to the life of our church.


Find Discussion Guides and other resources in the YouTube video description.  

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Featured Announcement

Life Transformation School

April 12-22

Originally called “Leadership Training School,” LTS now stands for “Life Transformation School” because of the testimony of life transformation that occurs. It is a 10-day discipleship intensive filled with clear, dynamic teaching and powerful impartation as we journey through the essentials of our faith and beyond. God will utterly transform your life. 

If you are new to Believers Church or have yet to attend LTS, we highly recommend you join our upcoming school beginning April 12, 2023.

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