BC Kids: Why We Exist?

  • So that each child may encounter Jesus’ love and be discipled appropriate to their age.
  • To come alongside families to assist, support, and resource them as they disciple their kids.
  • To love on and build up each person that Jesus calls to the BC Kids family.
  • To cultivate and steward safe, fun, and nurturing spaces and people for every child.

Meet the Team: We’re Here to Serve, Support, and Equip You

  • Zack Ripley, Director, 209-918-1512, zripley@bctulsa.com
  • Laurie Cruz, Asst. Director, 918-852-0031, lcruz@bctulsa.com
  • Madelyn Hayes, Volunteer Scheduler and Communications, 918-720-6303, mhayes@bctulsa.com
  • Nikki James, Sunday Welcome Desk Asst., 918-999-8393, njames@bctulsa.com
  • Stasia Gessert, Curriculum and Classroom Assistant

Know, Grow, Go! Discipling Kids Newborn to 4th Grade 

  • Nursery & Walkers (HeartShapers Curriculum)
  • Toddlers to Three’s (HeartShapers Curriculum)
  • PreK and Kinder (Dig In Curriculum)
  • 1st – 4th Grade (Dig In Curriculum)

Name Tags and T-Shirts

  • Name Tag: It’s important that parents know that you are an approved BC Kids volunteer. When you arrive, first check in at a BC Kids kiosk and receive your name tag. You must wear this the entire time you are serving.
  • BC Kids Shirt: We have BC Kids shirts available for all team members. It’s helpful to wear your shirt when you serve so that parents/security/staff can easily identify you as a BC Kids volunteer. We understand that not everyone is a t-shirt person, so it is not required. If you need a shirt, ask a BC Kids Staff member.

Guidelines for All Classrooms

These guidelines exist to create safe and loving environments for our kids while protecting you from compromising situations.

  • ALWAYS leave the lights turned ON.
  • Nursery, Walkers, Toddlers, 2’s, 3’s, & 4’s/5’s doors need to be latched.
  • No children over the age of 3 should sit on a worker’s lap.
  • Power in numbers! Never be alone with a child.
  • Women MUST handle all bathroom issues. BC Kids staff can help if needed. If no one is available, ask a teacher from a different room. (See the BC KIDS BATHROOM POLICY for more details)

Parents/Guardians with a security badge may be permitted to enter a classroom if you feel it’s best for the child (e.g. a baby is upset, a new toddler is adjusting to the room, help with a coat). Adults MUST have a security sticker to enter. If you are unsure, ask a BC Kids Staff. Carefully monitor and make sure that they do not interact with other children.

Overview of Daily Schedule

  • 8:30-9:00/10:30-11:00: Prep, Pray and Parent Connection (3 P’s)
  • 9:00-9:30/11:00-11:30: Connection Time
  • 9:30-10:30/11:30 – 12:30: Lesson Time, Bathroom Time, Play Time
  • 10:30/12:30 – Pickup: Check Out and Check In

A Day in the Life: Remember the 3 Rhythms

  • Rhythm 1: It’s important to get your morning off to a great start! This means arriving to class 30 minutes early to check in and get your nametag, eat breakfast, grab your classroom cube, grab additional toys/activities, connect and pray with your team, get familiar with the curriculum, and prepare the classroom. Breakfast and cubes are in the BC Kids workroom. Toy bins are in the Playroom.
  • Rhythm 2: This is your time with the kids. From “the most important 30 seconds” to connection time and the lesson, this is the heart of why you serve. Be present, enjoy the inconveniences, and partner with Jesus in raising disciples.
  • Rhythm 3: Once all kids have been picked up by an authorized parent or guardian, spend 15 minutes as a team cleaning/sanitizing the room, throwing out trash, and putting used toys and curriculum in the Playroom to be sanitized.

The Most Important 30 Seconds: Check-In and Check-Out
The small window you have with parents at drop-off and pick-up can be some of the most valuable moments for you to make an impact on their family. Greet every child and parent. Introduce yourself if you do not know the family. Ask them how they’re doing. Be sensitive to their needs. And make an effort to connect with them and encourage them.

Check-In Procedures

Have 1 teacher present at the front door doing the following:

  • Greeting the family with a loving smile and introducing yourself.
  • Encouraging parents to have their child use the restroom before class as we’re trying to reduce restroom time during class.
  • Ensuring that each child has a printed name tag from our sign-in system. If a family/child arrives without their name tag, please direct them to our manned sign-in station at the main BC Kids table (right outside the Toddler room in the Preschool hallway).
  • Writing the child’s first and last name on the class roster AND on a go-home bag.

Making note of any allergies or medical needs that a parent tells you or that’s listed on their badge. For babies and toddlers, label any diaper bag, bottle, etc., and ask about any feeding instructions and preferences (e.g. can they eat the Cheerios in the Nursery?)

Have 1 teacher in the classroom assisting children with the following:

  • Washing their hands/using hand sanitizer
  • Getting them settled.
  • Inviting them to the daily Connect Activity.

Check-Out Procedures

  1. One teacher will stand at the door and engage and sign-out one parent/family at a time. 
  2. One teacher will remain in the classroom and assist each child at a time.
  3. The teacher at the door will: 
    1. Greet each family.
    2. Check their security sticker. When a parent returns to pick up their child, they MUST have a security sticker. If they do not have a security sticker, contact Laurie, Zack, or Nikki. One of them MUST be present to authorize the pick up. There’s absolutely no exception to this rule.
    3. Initial next to the child’s name. You do not need to take the security sticker to keep things touchless as possible.
    4. Encourage the parent/family to grab the child’s Go-Home Bag.
  4. Once all children are gone, follow the Classroom Cleaning process and return the roster to your Curriculum Bag, which will be turned into the Playroom along with any other toys or items used, to be sanitized.

Calling a Parent/Guardian

  • There are several reasons that you might need to contact a parent. Some reasons include: injury, excessive crying for more than 10 minutes, change of clothes needed, or excessive and repeated behavioral challenges.
  • If you think it’s time to contact a parent, please contact Zack or Laurie by text. We also check the classrooms periodically.
  • When you contact us, we will need the child’s name and security number on their nametag so we can page the parent.

Being the Eyes and Ears of BC

  • Pastoral Care Issues: The BC Kids team has the privilege of interacting with most families at BC. Occasionally, situations will arise that would benefit from intentional pastoral care. Life events are pastoral care news (e.g. new babies, illness, pregnancies, moving, care for aging parents, loss of job, new job, etc.). BC has systems in place to help care for people, and we LOVE to connect people to those resources. In crisis situations, we are also rich in resources that can help families. Knowing is half the battle. Please communicate any pastoral care issues to Zack or Laurie immediately.
  • Supplies or Room Care Needs: Aside from cleaning the room after class, we need your help in identifying needs within the classroom. Whenever you see a need (e.g. supplies are low, maintenance request, cleaning request, etc.), please complete a “Supplies or Room Care Need” card in your Classroom Cube and place it on your classroom clipboard. 

Clean Up and Close Classroom

After the last child is picked up, please do the following:

  • Wipe toys, counter, changing table, door and cabinet handles, chairs and tables with disinfectant spray and micro-cloth.
  • Gather trash and take to the janitor’s closet.
  • Place used micro-cloth in the hamper in the janitor’s closet.
  • Return toys to the storage cleaning station (Playroom).
  • Seal snacks and pour out unused water.
  • If necessary, add a note to a “Supplies or Room Care Need” card and place it on your classroom clipboard.
  • Return all supplies, clipboard, and the Classroom Cube (after 11 am service).

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