Be Encouraged by God’s
Power to Work on Our Behalf

Brooke shares about a time when her family thought they would lose their housing at 7 months pregnant, but God worked on our behalf.

When I was 7 months pregnant, we got a call from our landlord telling us we would need to vacate our rental home within 30 days. We were devastated! This was March 13 when we got the call, right as everything was locking down for the first time with Covid.

I prayed – “Lord, please change our landlord’s mind! I long to stay in this home until we have our baby and can buy a home of our own. I don’t want to move into another rental home!”

No joke, not even 5 minutes later, she sent me a text saying she felt bad and would let us stay for 6 more months! It was a total 180; I know the Lord worked on our behalf and advocated for us.

We were able to bring our sweet baby home where we were, and then bought a home of our own in July! He protected us at a vulnerable time and gave us the desire of our hearts!

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