Beloved, as we’ve walked through the COVID-19 pandemic, so we must continue to fix our attention on Jesus – our ONLY vision. He is still our Good Shepherd, and we can follow His voice, even in this wilderness moment. As we’ve done, let’s continue to be a non-anxious presence in an ever-anxious world. Let us not pass this moment by; instead, let’s press ever-nearer to Christ and become more like Him. 

As Jesus’ church, this is a time for us, individually and collectively, to listen, trust, and obey. Our Shepherd will lead us: even into times of mourning, repenting, and being a voice for the voiceless. 

This page will be a place for practical resources on ways you, your family, and your small group can pursue righteousness, peace, and lasting solidarity with our brothers and sisters of color in a time of racial injustice and unrest. If you haven’t already, take time to watch the Sunday teaching below to hear from Pastor Gyle on what our elders are sensing Jesus saying to us, Believers Church, right now.


Be challenged and encouraged by the prophetic song “Lord Have Mercy” that began as an idea with Brooke around a year ago (2019).

Explore seven daily Biblical reflections and prayers meant to empower the Body of Christ to see a positive shift in America’s racial climate.

Join Gyle and his friend, Pastor Eric Parker, as they discuss the issues of racial inequality and our part in redemption as Jesus-followers. Pastor Eric leads a congregation in Bristow, Oklahoma, and carries a deep, experiential love for Jesus and all believers. Let’s go deeper, BC, in our dialogue about race as we learn to listen, trust, and obey. 

We wanted to share this video with you in hopes that it may serve as a helpful tool as we seek to discern how Jesus would have us respond to the racial injustice and tensions in our nation at this moment of history. This video is a discussion between Jonathan Tremaine Thomas and Tami Flick, the leaders of an organization called Civil Righteousness, whose mission is “racial reconciliation and restorative justice through spiritual, cultural, and economic renewal.”

To help in our conversation of how Jesus is activating us in this time of racial injustice and unrest, take a moment to prayerfully read through this summary and recommendation of Thomas R. Kelly’s essay, “The Eternal Now and Social Concern,” from his devotional classic A Testament of Devotion.

Are you looking for a helpful resource on discussing race with your kids with the Gospel as the focus? Explore The Gospel in Color – For Kids! This book “is specifically designed so that your child can dig deep into what the Bible says about race, racism, and reconciliation. These are complex topics, which is why each chapter’s content is presented in a way that can engage children at different age levels. To facilitate times of reflection and response, every chapter ends with activities for further study, thought, and prayer.”