Common themes from significant prophetic words

December 2018-February 2021

From the prophetic cohort: Hailey Sides, Christine Westoff, Donna Nix, Ruth Stevens, Laura Kittinger, Annamae Cameron, John Arndt, Joe Spann, Tim Cameron
April, 2021

Dam dream: Cindy Fruh, December 2018
Sifting vision: Laura Kittinger, Summer, 2019
Camel vision: Hailey Sides, October 2019
Sifting vision: Annamae Cameron, January 2021
Harvest Word (in conjunction with Donna Nix’s word): January 2021
Avalanche dream: Donna Nix, February 2021


Dam dream, December 2018 by Cindy Fruh
The first dream was just a beautiful setting on a river, and I noticed a dam with animals, greenery, and stunning rock formations. I sensed the Lord saying this is Believers Church. It was serene and peaceful.

The second dream was seeing a beautiful dam made up of tree branches, beautiful rocks, and greenery. There was water coming through slowly, but it was hindered by the dam. The Lord said I know this dam is gorgeous, Cindy, but what if we dismantle it so water can flow freely through this river. It began to feel emotional for me as I love Believers so much.

I remember my eyes filling up with tears and thought, this is crazy, this is just a dream. But I was sensing God saying if we choose to dismantle something beautiful, it will be a difficult and emotional process.

The next thing I saw was a picture of the river, the dam was gone, and the water was rushing and beautiful. At the bottom of the river bracing themselves with large sticks stuck in the river’s bottom, were the younger staff members. They were swaying back and forth, attempting to
hold their ground. But the current was rough, so they were having to work at staying grounded. It was a noticeable fight.

The next thing I saw was Gyle laying over the top of the dam where arrows were shooting the dam. Then I saw Roger walking away, waving. And I was sitting on the edge of the bank of the river.

Sifting prophetic word, summer of 2019 by Laura Kittinger

I saw a picture of the Lord “sifting” BC. He was shaking one of those filters that lets small dirt and pebbles fall through the cracks, but the larger rocks remain in the sifter. It seemed to me that everything put in the sifter represented different ministries/things at BC, and the Father wanted to clear out the things that didn’t need to be there. As the Lord was sifting, the dirt and smaller pebbles fell through the cracks, and the larger rocks remained in the sifter but still felt all the jostling effects of the sifting. There were multiple rounds of sifting as the Lord continued to add more things to be sifted, and filtered larger rocks stayed in the shaking each time. It was as if something would seem to settle down finally; then, the sifting process began all over again. I had a sense that the Lord would finally be done sifting when water could flow easily through the sifter*. But an essential part of this picture was the Father’s face as he sifted. He was SMILING and calm as if to relay, “This is Good! This is hard, but it is good and for your good! I’m excited to do this!”

*This part to me seems to fit in somehow with Cindy’s “Dam Dream”. Jeremiah 39:18 “Because you trusted me, I will give you your life as a reward. I will rescue you and keep you safe. I, the Lord, have spoken.”

Camel Word, On October 16, 2019, by Hailey Sides
I saw two things during a worship service at Believers Church.

First, I saw a Camel. The camel was fully packed (as a camel would be for a journey). The load the camel was carrying was at max capacity and piled high.

I had a powerful sense that the camel was a representation of Believers Church.

The camel came to a GATE, and it became clear that it was going to be necessary and required to “UNLOAD” the camel before it could pass through the gate. I had a strong sense that the gate represented a transitional place.

The camel stopped at the gate’s threshold as it was unable to pass through as the load height far exceeded the height of the gate. It seems as though there could be a requirement and key for the new season to unload some things of old that have been carried on the previous road and journey that are not under the same grace and created dissatisfaction and hindrance.

I heard in my spirit, “It necessary to make room in the infrastructure that can grow into the new, not an infrastructure that has already reached its maximum capacity. The ability for the new to be added.” In the camel’s current state, there was NO room to add anything else.

I saw a second picture in the same worship service.

Shortly after the first picture, I saw a pregnant woman in a delivery room. She was full-term, and it was time to birth. The birthing had begun, and the baby was “holding” in the canal. I sensed the woman was a symbol of the church and the baby was the new birthing that was coming in the next season.
After church, I talked with my husband Brad, and he shared that he also saw a delivery room and a woman in labor during worship.

Sifting prophetic word, January of 2021 by Annamae Cameron

Annamae felt this word was first for herself and then for individuals, and for Believers Church. During my quiet time, God shared this with me. I saw a giant hand holding a large sieve. I knew it was the hand of God. He was shaking and sifting gold. I knew that the gold chunks were God’s people.

The Lord showed me that these are days of sifting out the world, the flesh, and the devil from His people. He was sifting out unbelief, lack of trust, and separating the sin from the gold that keeps it from shining. The shining means harvest. Before there can be a harvest, there has to be purification.

  • Unbelief robs us of trust and faith.
  • We are not effective as God’s witnesses until the life of Christ is shining in our lives. The dirt (sin) in our lives keeps us from shining. He is sifting out deceit, corruption, worldliness, selfishness, indulgence, gossip, contention, idols, divisions, hypocrisy, hatred, lying, backbiting, being lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, laziness, indifference, and disunity.
  • Jesus is coming for a bride without a spot or wrinkle.

Then I saw a large pot over a fire. It was for the gold to be purified after the sifting—first the shaking and then the fire. Repentance will be followed by fiery trials to prove and test the gold.

Harvest Word (in conjunction with Donna’s word): January 2021 by Joan (someone closely known by Dayne Lukes)

Isaiah 60 and 62 were referenced when the word was initially given. The word had the following points worth noting:

  1. There is a harvest of souls coming, and BC is a gatekeeper and hub for this move of God in Tulsa. This thought resonates with a significant part of Believer’s history. Pete Greig gave a prophetic word that our church would be a revolving door sending people out into ministry and missions.
  2. We should not grow weary about hearing words about the coming harvest. It is coming.
  3. The word is calling us to be bold in our witness and spiritual warfare.
  4. There is a clear call to come up higher in our dependency on Christ. There is an inward work that God wants to accomplish in every believer.

Avalanche dream: Donna Nix, February 2021

  1. This dream was a warning. There is an avalanche coming (perhaps the continual advancement of the world’s system in our culture and daily lives). The properties on an avalanche are worth considering, such as 1) you see it coming. 2) it is all-inclusive and unrelenting and 3) you need to get far away from it or above it.
  2. The warning is to get to higher ground by taking a familiar path, the Christian disciplines being one of them. There is a personal ”higher ground,” holiness and humility. God’s invitation to ”higher ways” almost always involves ”going lower.” It consists of walking humbly. The evidence is preferring others and rejoicing in suffering and being concerned about what is always on God’s heart, winning the lost.
  3. The Lord does not want us to be unaware of the things coming upon us and the need to prepare.


We are on the precipice of a harvest time. However, all of these prophetic words carry a consistent theme of what must preclude the harvest time: repentance.

 The sifting of the Lord, and not just one sifting

  • The discerning and leaving behind of old wineskins
  • The need to repent because we have loved the beauty of our church more than the disruptive flow of the Spirit
  • There is a deep repentance that must come to individuals, and it will be tried by fire to see if it is authentic.
  • There is an avalanche coming, and God wants us to get to higher ground—this always means more humility, brokenness, and dependance on Christ. He does not want us to be unaware.