“Sifting Word” Summer 2019 (from Laura Kittinger)

person holding basket

I saw a picture of the Lord “sifting” BC. He was shaking one of those filters that lets small dirt and pebbles fall through the cracks, but the larger rocks remain in the sifter. It seemed to me that everything put in the sifter represented different ministries/things at BC, and the Father wanted to clear out the things that didn’t need to be there. As the Lord was sifting, the dirt and smaller pebbles fell through the cracks, and the larger rocks remained in the sifter but still felt all the jostling effects of the sifting. There were multiple rounds of sifting as the Lord continued to add more things to be sifted, and filtered larger rocks stayed in the shaking each time. It was as if something would seem to settle down finally; then, the sifting process began all over again. I had a sense that the Lord would finally be done sifting when water could flow easily through the sifter*. But an essential part of this picture was the Father’s face as he sifted. He was SMILING and calm as if to relay, “This is Good! This is hard, but it is good and for your good! I’m excited to do this!”
*This part to me seems to fit in somehow with Cindy’s “Dam Dream”. Jeremiah 39:18 “Because you trusted me, I will give you your life as a reward. I will rescue you and keep you safe. I, the Lord, have spoken.”


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July 6, 2022