“Sifting and Fire Word” January 2021 (from Annamae Cameron) 


I felt this word was first for myself and then for individuals, and for Believers Church. During my quiet time, God shared this with me. I saw a giant hand holding a large sieve. I knew it was the hand of God. He was shaking and sifting gold. I knew that the gold chunks were God’s people. The Lord showed me that these are days of sifting out the world, the flesh, and the devil from His people. He was sifting out unbelief, lack of trust, and separating the sin from the gold that keeps it from shining. The shining means harvest. Before there can be a harvest, there has to be purification.

Unbelief robs us of trust and faith.

We are not effective as God’s witnesses until the life of Christ is shining in our lives. The dirt (sin) in our lives keeps us from shining. He is sifting out deceit, corruption, worldliness, selfishness, indulgence, gossip, contention, idols, divisions, hypocrisy, hatred, lying, backbiting, being lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, laziness, indifference, and disunity.

Jesus is coming for a bride without a spot or wrinkle. Then I saw a large pot over a fire. It was for the gold to be purified after the sifting—first the shaking and then the fire. Repentance will be followed by fiery trials to prove and test the gold.


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July 6, 2022