“Dam Dream” December 2018 (from Cindy Fruh)

water falls under cloudy sky during daytime

The first dream was just a beautiful setting on a river, and I noticed a dam with animals, greenery, and stunning rock formations. I sensed the Lord saying this is Believers Church. It was serene and peaceful. The second dream was seeing a beautiful dam made up of tree branches, beautiful rocks, and greenery. There was water coming through slowly, but it was hindered by the dam. The Lord said I know this dam is gorgeous, Cindy, but what if we dismantle it so water can flow freely through this river. It began to feel emotional for me as I love Believers so much. I remember my eyes filling up with tears and thought, this is crazy, this is just a dream. But I was sensing God saying if we choose to dismantle something beautiful, it will be a difficult and emotional process. The next thing I saw was a picture of the river, the dam was gone, and the water was rushing and beautiful. At the bottom of the river bracing themselves with large sticks stuck in the river’s bottom, were the younger staff members. They were swaying back and forth, attempting to hold their ground. But the current was rough, so they were having to work at staying grounded. It was a noticeable fight.

The next thing I saw was Gyle laying over the top of the dam where arrows were shooting the dam. Then I saw Roger walking away, waving. And I was sitting on the edge of the bank of the river.


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July 6, 2022