“Camel Word” October 2019 (from Hailey Sides)

brown camel on brown sand during daytime

I saw two things during a worship service at Believers Church. First, I saw a Camel. The camel was fully packed (as a camel would be for a journey). The load the camel was carrying was at max capacity and piled high.
I had a powerful sense that the camel was a representation of Believers Church.
The camel came to a GATE, and it became clear that it was going to be necessary and required to “UNLOAD” the camel before it could pass through the gate. I had a strong sense that the gate represented a transitional place.
The camel stopped at the gate’s threshold as it was unable to pass through as the load height far exceeded the height of the gate. It seems as though there could be a requirement and key for the new season to unload some things of old that have been carried on the previous road and journey that are not under the same grace and created dissatisfaction and hindrance.
I heard in my spirit, “It necessary to make room in the infrastructure that can grow into the new, not an infrastructure that has already reached its maximum capacity. The ability for the new to be added.” In the camel’s current state, there was NO room to add anything else.
I saw a second picture in the same worship service.
Shortly after the first picture, I saw a pregnant woman in a delivery room. She was full-term, and it was time to birth. The birthing had begun, and the baby was “holding” in the canal. I sensed the woman was a symbol of the church and the baby was the new birthing that was coming in the next season.
After church, I talked with my husband Brad, and he shared that he also saw a delivery room and a woman in labor during worship.


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July 6, 2022