We’d love to pause and celebrate Paul Burnett for all his love and incredible work that he has put into BC as our Facilities Manager. Paul has faithfully served in this role for four years but recently had to step out of this role to focus on his health. 

You may know Paul for his contagious smiles on Sunday morning, his friendly presence during an event, or, more likely than not, you’ve wondered who was behind fixing this or that (spoiler alert: It was Paul 99 times out of 100. He’s the behind-the-scenes saint you’ve wondered about). 

Paul discovered earlier this year that he has hemochromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes iron to store up in the body and not process. This also causes cirrhosis of the liver, which the doctor confirmed Paul also has. Paul will be in need of a liver transplant in the future. He’s taking this time to better rest and recover. He and his wife, Erica, would love prayer during this season.

Just because Paul won’t be in his role as Facilities Manager, it doesn’t mean he won’t be around BC. Paul and his family have been faithful and dearly loved members of BC since 2010. Paul and Erica are small group leaders and will continue to stay connected with our BC family.

On behalf of all BC, we want to say THANK YOU, PAUL! Next time you see Paul make sure to thank him for all the love and work he’s put into our fam!