Man Summit

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Open Heart Surgery

We have come to believe that we can do nothing apart from Christ; we are in desperate need for Him to heal our hearts.

At this year’s retreat, we will be leaning into how we, as men and leaders, approach 3 vital areas of our lives: sex, money, and power.

Using the Sermon on the Mount as our text, we will create space to hear from the Holy Spirit on what He wants to do in our hearts and to encourage each other with testimonies of healing and overcoming.

Join us from November 9 at 6:00pm through November 11 at 11:00am at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch as we present ourselves before the Great Physician for Open Heart Surgery.

We pray that every single man God wants to be here will come. Would you please ask Him what His will is for you? Some scholarships are available (in addition to God’s provision through other sources), so don’t let money stand in the way.

Weekend Details:

Location: Shepherd’s Fold Ranch (NOT New Life Ranch). 185 River Avenue Avant, OK 74001. We are staying in the Tree House Village Cabins.

Don’t forget to eat dinner BEFORE you come!

If you need a ride, please call/text Brian Booth at 918.810.9785.


Camp/Sport Chair (we will be outside a lot and you’ll want something decent to sit on) (if you have an extra one to lend, please bring it)

Reusable water bottle (they have gone environmentally friendly at SFR and prefer not to use disposable cups)

Coffee thermos if desired

Sleeping bag or twin-size sheets / pillow / blankets (the cabins are heated)

Layered (and warm!) clothing

Bible / journal / pen

Hiking boots / sports shoes / flip flops

Hat / sunglasses / sunscreen

A heart ready to encounter Christ

–If you have a ‘camp/tailgate’ game you’d like to bring, (corn-hole, bocce ball, a football, soccer ball, Frisbee, etc.), bring it!