November 1-3

We look forward to seeking Jesus with you at this year’s retreat, November 1-3 at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch. More details and registration coming soon.

Broken. Known. Loved.

In every way that we are men, we are broken. But, we are also perfectly known and loved by our Father, by our Savior, and by our Counselor. By His grace, we get to journey with other men, bear each other’s burdens, and encourage each other to keep coming back to God. Every good thing that has been broken, lost, or killed, He fixes, finds, and resurrects. There is hope.

Follow Jesus’ example to step away from the crazy demands of your profession to take a deep breath. Or two. To remind yourself that even though you are broken, you are known, and you are deeply loved.

Join us from November 1 at 6:00pm through November 3 at 11:00am at Shepherd’s Fold Ranch as we gratefully bring our brokenness to the One who makes all things new.

We pray that every single man God wants to be here, will be here. Ask God if He wants you to come then figure out the details later. Some scholarships are available (in addition to God’s provision through other sources), so don’t let money stand in the way. Email with any questions about the retreat or funding.

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