imagination celebration

3 ways FOR FAMILIES AND SMALL GROUPS TO shine the light this halloween

3 types of Imagination Celebrations!

Grab & Go

A completely contact-free option where you set up treats or giveaways in your yard for those who walk by to “Grab & Go”! Imagine writing prayers on pieces of candies or take-home activities that kids can keep… without having to be in person. BC Kids provides a bag of candy and a gift card for this option.

Greet & Go

This option allows you to be in-person, but not as involved as a traditional Imagination Celebration. Plan activities or giveaways that allow for social distancing but still gives you the chance to engage with neighbors. BC Kids provides a bag of candy, a guesstimation jar, and a gift card for this option.

Stay & Play

Take the traditional route and transform your front yard or driveway into a neighborhood carnival, hosting games, giving out prizes, and passing out treats. For this, we encourage you to maintain COVID-19 precautions. BC Kids provides a bag of candy, gift card, and your choice of 3 activities!

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Turn your home into a neighborhood outreach this Halloween!