Foundations School of Discipleship is a 6 week series of classes that are offered two times a year (fall and winter) to help us focus on the process of becoming more and more like Jesus. Becoming His disciple is something that cannot be done on our own. We need each other. 

Each Wednesday night, we gather for a shared meal at 6 pm. Our various classes start at 7 pm for a more in-depth study of many areas of life, such as parenting, marriage, prophetic, Bible studies, and more. If you would like more info, please contact Alyssa Quarles at

See the Foundations Brochure here!

Registration is closed. 


All courses will start on Wednesday, January 22nd at 6 pm.  The cost is $30 per person and this includes dinner throughout the 6-week series. Children’s classes and dinner (up to 5th grade) is provided with a $12 registration fee per child. We pray that you will join us this fall as we dive deeper into our relationship with Jesus.

We are excited to announce the following course line up for the fall Foundations School of Discipleship:

BC Connect
With Gyle Smith and Staff
Learn more about BC! This class shares the vision + direction of BC in this next season. You will have an opportunity to meet our leaders + hear our hearts regarding the ministries that shape our community. This is a great class if you are newer to BC or would like to better understand the heart of our community.

The Prayer Course
With Hailey Sides
Join us on this journey through the Lord’s Prayer. The Prayer Course is for anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with God. We’ll incorporate tools, discussion, + application to grow in the meaning of prayer, challenges in prayer, unanswered prayer, + more! If you are a part of any BC prayer team, we especially encourage you to engage with us.

Your One Degree
With Roger Nix
This course will help you understand your energizing abilities and unique purpose in and through Christ. Learn practical tools for focusing and leveraging your life for maximum impact and satisfaction. There is an extra $15 charge for the workbook. 

Truth + Lies: Living in the Kingdom of God
With Anna Lukes
What Christ has done affects everything in our lives—from the suffering we face to our understanding of sex. In this class, we will find out how we look at and live in this world in light of Jesus Christ and the Good News. Join us as we discern between the Kingdom truths and the lies of our culture.

Jesus’ Toolbox for Women
With Cindy Fruh + BC Women’s Lay Counseling Team
Are you or someone you know facing challenging situations where you wish you had tools to help in the healing process? This class will focus on healing in Christ for women who have been wounded or are experiencing a season of pain. Each night we’ll focus on a different topic: divorce, difficult marriage situations, loss and grief, inner healing, sexual abuse, and sexual confusion. Whether you are facing hard times yourself or you want resources to help others, this class is for you.

Joy, the Brain, and Relationships
With Kara Moseby
We’ll be learning and practicing relational skills that will transform your soul, life, & relationships. Good relational skills give us resiliency in relationships so we can live as Jesus designed us to live, in peace and joy with others. Healthy relational skills empower us to live from the heart Jesus gave us! In this class, to help learn the skills, we’ll be looking at scripture and brain science. This class is for anyone who has relationships in their life!

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
With Seth Kittinger and Friends
Are you tired of living at the frenetic, break-neck pace of the modern world? Does your soul crave the kind of rest Jesus promised to those who would come to him and become his disciples? Join us for a practical exploration of how to live “freely and lightly” under the easy yoke of Jesus. This class has an optional book for purchase.