5 Stages to Re-Engage Community Gatherings

The following roadmap outlines our 5-stage approach for resuming in-person gatherings based on discipleship goals, staff capacities, and current government regulations. As you’ll see, we’ve intentionally left out dates on each stage. Each stage will honor federal, state, and local regulations, but they aren’t directly related to any government “phase.”

Click here for the 5 stages.

This is because our vision is still and will always be Jesus, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s not in a hurry with us. He’s not anxious. He’s our steady Peace and our Good Shepherd. We’re committed to following His lead because He is the true leader of Believers Church. As Pastor Cindy reminds us, “We won’t go until we know.” 

As your pastors and elders, we’re weekly praying together to seek His direction. Right now, we sense that Jesus is creating a “wilderness” experience for us during this moment. He wants to lead us to a beautiful and exciting Promise Land of nearness and likeness to Him! 

In this wilderness, He’s already performed an incredible miracle. In just a matter of weeks, we were uprooted and formed into 44 small groups! And more are forming, Beloved! Our community is more connected now than at any time in our history. We want to honor this work and allow Him to keep growing it. 

This 5-stage approach allows us to continue serving, supporting, and growing this exciting network of small gatherings. Like concentric circles, we’ll start with smaller in-person gatherings, slowly working our way out to medium and larger gatherings, eventually resuming the full use of our building. However, we wrote this plan in pencil knowing that Jesus will write out His plan in pen.

We’ll keep you updated as we go, Beloved. Continue praying with us as we hear from and follow Jesus together.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Believers Church Open?

Please refer to our five stage approach to re-engaging community gatherings. If you need prayer or have pastoral concerns please call and leave a message or email info@bctulsa.com or contact one of our pastoral staff. Our smaller gatherings will continue to meet virtually taking all necessary precautions in accordance with city, state and federal guidelines. Instructions and walk-throughs coming soon.

How can I contiute giving if I am unable to attend worship gatherings?

Online Giving is available for your convenience.

What are some trusted sources?

The CDC is a great source for trusted information.