The Collective

Believers Church

The collective is a house church community within believers church.

Our heart is to journey together in Christ honestly and openly as the family of god, and we have been doing that for almost 10 years now.  The world tells us we can make it on our own, but we know that is not true! We need one another as well as the unique giftings god has given us for not only our own encouragement but also to further the kingdom of God.

On a regular basis, we:

  • gather Monday evenings for prayer, fellowship, musical worship, testimonies, scripture, and other spiritual rhythms
  • enjoy spontaneous activities and social events throughout Tulsa
  • have smaller gatherings for discipleship, accountability, and Bible study
  • meet for personal intercession and corporate prayer
  • practice evangelism or walk downtown to love on others
  • partake in an annual community weekend retreat

Our core values as a community are:

  1. Following Jesus With Everything
  2. Intimacy with the Trinity
  3. Moving toward Maturity with Christ
  4. Everyone Gets to Play
  5. Being a Place of Equipping
  6. God Known Through Love
  7. Being Flung-Out into the World

For more info, text Marci Slaughter at 614-254-1766

Although the Collective is mostly comprised of young adults, all are welcome to join our church community. Join us for our normal weekly gathering on Mondays at 7pm. Text Marci Slaughter at 614-254-1766 for more information on our weekly family rhythms of life and community.