Bathroom Guidelines for BC Kids

When you gotta go… you gotta go!

Rule of Three

If a child needs to go to the restroom, they MUST be walked to the restroom by at least 1 worker and 1 other person (a worker or “bathroom buddy”) so that a child is NEVER alone or alone with a worker. They then will stay and walk back as a group.

Use Designated Restrooms Only

  1. Preschool children use the preschool bathroom across from Room 108 and Room 109.
  2. Kids 5 and older use the restrooms in the Chapel. 
  3. Kids are NEVER allowed to use the adult restrooms while adults have access to them.

Class Bathroom Breaks for Preschoolers

  1. Send the children in 2 at a time while the other children wait along the wall outside the restroom. 
  2. Position one worker near the bathroom doors to monitor activity and one worker with the children waiting. 
  3. Prop the doors slightly open with the doorstop so that you can HEAR what is going on  and give directions from the door without entering. 

Ladies Only

  • Only women can assist with bathroom needs. Because of this, it’s advised that a female helper be the one to take children to the restroom as needed.

Changing Diapers 

  1. Diaper changing tables are in rooms 109, 108, and 105.  
  2. We do not change the diapers of children older than 36 months. If a child older than 3 needs a diaper change, call the parent/guardian. 
  3. ONLY WOMEN 16 years old and older have the privilege of changing diapers.
  4. Never leave a child unattended on a changing table. 
  5. Diaper supplies are located under the changing tables and in the cubbies above the tables. Please notify a Ministry Leader when supplies are low. 
  6. Always use clean gloves and change gloves between every diaper. 
  7. Clean the changing table pad between every diaper change. 
  8. Apply an “I’ve been changed” sticker to the new diaper after a change and note the change time on the check-in sheet. 
  9. CLOTH DIAPER POLICY: We do not change cloth diapers as we do not have a system in place to handle all the different scenarios that can be present. Parents will need to be told that at drop off. They are encouraged to come mid-way through service and check/change the diaper themselves OR they can put a fresh disposable diaper on their child before leaving them in the nursery.

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