If you’re a leader in the life of a child (e.g. parent, guardian, teacher, etc.) and want to learn more about BC Kids, connect with the Director of Child Discipleship, Zack Ripley, at [email protected].

Zack loves to connect over coffee, email, text, and phone!


If you’re the primary disciple-maker of a child, we’d love to help encourage and equip you. Aside from programs, events, and weekly or seasonal resources, you can reach out anytime to connect individually for conversation, prayer, and equipping. Simply email Zack Ripley at [email protected] to get the conversation started. 



BC Littles (Newborn through PreK)

Nursing Mothers Room and Busy Boxes: We LOVE our babies and are 150% excited to have them join parents in the Sanctuary until mom and dad feel they are ready for a classroom environment. Please feel comfortable having your child with you anywhere in the building, even if they’re crying (it’s okay!). If needed we have a Nursing Mothers Room in the back of the Sanctuary with audio from the service, double-sided glass for privacy, rocking chairs, and a changing table. For our cruisers and walkers wanting to stay with you, we offer Busy Boxes and noise-canceling headphones to help kids feel comfortable anywhere (just ask our Welcome Desk).

Nursery (Room 109): We disciple babies ages 0 – 12 months. This environment is led by two adults and helper who partner with families in the earliest discipleship of children by demonstrating the loving, safe arms of Father God through care, attention, snacks, play, prayer, and cultivating a worshipful environment. Snacks available in this room are Cheerios, Puffs, and animal crackers, please let us know at the door if your child can have any of those snacks.

One’s Room (Room 108): We disciple children ages 12 – 24 months. This environment is led by at least 1 adult and two or more helpers. Children are discipled through the loving presence of their leaders and with the curriculum, Play ‘N Worship. Snacks available in this room are Cheerios, Puffs, and animal crackers, please let us know at the door if your child can have any of those snacks.

Two’s Room (Room 105): We disciple our 2-year-olds. This classroom is led by an adult and two or more helpers. This is the first classroom with a full lesson and craft from HeartShaper for Toddlers and Twos. Snacks are served in this room. Please let us know at the door if your child has special dietary needs and if your child is potty trained. Little ones in this class can use the little girl’s and little boy’s bathrooms.

Three’s Room (Room 104): We disciple our 3-year-olds (called Three-ologians). This classroom is led by an adult and two or more helpers. Children experience a powerful new Big Truth every month with stories from the Rhyme Time Bible and series of activities to re-enforce God’s good news all morning. Snacks are served in this room. Please let us know at the door if your child has special dietary needs and if your child is not potty trained yet. Little ones in this class use the little girl’s and little boy’s bathrooms.

Little Explorers (Room 103): We disciple kids ages 4-years through Pre-K. Children remain in this room until they move into kindergarten. This classroom is led by an adult and two or more helpers. Kids travel station to station all morning through a Bible Story, Creation Station, Game and more to fully experience a main Bible Point. Curriculum is adapted from Dig In, DIGGING INTO The Bible in One Year by Group Publishing. And all year, kids are immersed in the entire Bible. Children in this room are usually fully potty trained, if a child needs a diaper change, we will call on the parents to help with that (as this room does not have a changing table.) This class also uses the little girl’s and little boy’s bathrooms.

BC Explorers (Kindergarten - 4th Grade)

BC Explorers is a rotation-based learning environment for kids in Kindergarten through 4th Grade. It’s designed to help kids grow in friendship with Jesus, each other, and the leaders in their life as they explore the depths of who God is through Scripture, prayer, worship, and play.

Kids begin their journey in the Chapel for Opening Quest where they experience the day’s main Bible Point and worship the Lord. Then they travel in mixed-aged “Crews” with a Crew Guide and Crew Helpers through 4 Stations: Bible Discovery Room, Adventure Games, Creation Station, and Crew Connect. They end the morning with a time of prayer and leave home with a weekly “Family Quest.” Curriculum is adapted from Dig In, DIGGING INTO The Bible in One Year by Group Publishing. During Crew Connect, kids eat a snack. Please let us know of any allergies or food sensitivities.


Hands on the Nations (5th Sundays, Kindergarten - 4th Grade)

Hands on the Nations is a rotation-based discipleship environment for kids in Kindergarten through 4th Grade to experience God’s heart for the nations, meet missionaries, and participate with the Lord in His Great Commission. This program occurs on the last Sunday of any month with 5 Sundays. Kids begin their journey by picking up their Passport then head to the Chapel to meet the morning’s missionaries and travel through 4 Stations: Culture, Prayer, Food, and Crew Connect. During the Food Station, kids eat a snack that varies. Please let us know of any allergies or food sensitivities.

4th Grade Class (April - July)

The 4th Grade Class is a Sunday morning class for our 4th grade students the last 4 months of their time in BC Kids (April – July). The goal of the class is to create a unique environment and experience for each student to grow in friendship with Jesus, eachother, and the adults in their life before they transition into Fusion56 in August. 

Daily Schedule Overview

  • 10:00am – 10:50am: Worship alongside their parents in the Sanctuary (dismissed after the prophetic space during the greeting and before announcements)
  • 20 Minutes: Donuts and Discussion
    Welcome, Hi’s/Low’s, Wonder Questions
  • 20 Minutes: Read Chapter of Mark and Discuss
    Students narrate back, discuss 1 thing they liked/enjoyed about Jesus, and post on wall.
  • 20 Minutes: Guest Parent Shares Gospel Story
    Shares their story with Jesus, what they get to do now (vocations) in partnership with Jesus, and responds to questions.
  • End-of-day games until pickup

Extra Events

  • March 31: Last BC Explorers – A time to bless our 4th graders and thank them for their example and friendship.
  • June 31: Serve in Hands on the Nations – As a way to capstone their Hands on the Nations experience, they will serve that 1 Hands on the Nations in the summer.
  • July 27: 4th Grade Fun-Day – The weekend before their last class, we will plan a day-trip somewhere local for students to connect and celebrate their time in BC Kids and anticipate time in Fusion.
  • July 28: Last class + Fusion56 Orientation – The last class, students will reflect on all the things they “like” about Jesus in the Gospel of Mark and respond in prayer to His invitation. Following class, the Fusion56 leadership will give students and their parents an orientation in the Fusion56 room.

Scuba vacation bible school

June 3 – 7, 2024, 9am – 12:15pm

Dive Below the Surface to Build a Strong Faith
During this 5-day undersea adventure, kids and volunteers dive deep into the ever-flowing, never-ending love of God. At Scuba VBS, kids will be immersed in the Word to experience Jesus and discover what living water is really all about!


Pregnancy through Birth

We love to celebrate new life in BC Kids. If you know of anyone in the community who is pregnant or just gave birth, please email Zack Ripley at [email protected] so we can connect them to our Women’s Ministry for encouragement and send them a gift.

Baby Dedications (1st Sunday of every month)

We love dedicating babies to Jesus! Every 1st Sunday of the month we carve out a space during our Sunday service for families to dedicate their baby to the Lord alongside the prayer and support of the entire community. To request our next opening, fill out this quick form.

Decisions to Follow Jesus & Baptism

Your child’s decision to follow Jesus with their whole heart for their whole life is the single most important decision they can make! As you help them reach that point, know that we’re here to help in any way. You can email Zack Ripley at [email protected] for coaching, resources, or scheduling a baptism during a Sunday service.

Move-Up Sunday

In August, our rising kindergartners move up to BC Explorers and our rising 5th graders movie up into Fusion56. Details and dates roll out in the summer.

Starting 5th Grade

When a child enters the 5th Grade at Believers Church, they officially graduate out of BC Kids and into our Fusion Youth Program. Our 5th Graders get to experience Sunday morning programming and youth leaders just for them and where they are at spiritually and developmentally. For more information, email our Youth Pastor, Israel Whitman, at [email protected].

Family Discipleship Events

Imagination Celebration (Every October)

Every October, BC Kids equips and resources BC families and small groups all across the Tulsa metro to host mini carnivals in front yards, parks, and parking lots to transform Halloween night into a fun, family outreach night. This is a great way to disciple kids, meet neighbors, be present for prayer, and be a light to our city.

Operation Christmas Child (Every November)

Every November, BC Kids partners with Operation Christmas Child as a way to create space and moments for families to disciple their kids. Families get to live near and like Jesus by collecting donations and packing gift-filled shoeboxes for children in need around the world to demonstrate God’s love and share the gospel.

Vacation Bible School (June 3-7, 2024)

Details about our 2024 VBS to come! Save the date – VBS is truly a family event with programming for kids up to 6th grade and volunteer roles for teens and adults!

VBS Family Project Week (May 27 – 31, 2024)

A Family Experience: As impactful as VBS, you and your family can help transform the Believers Church building into an amazing VBS experience for our kids. As you work alongside your kids and other leaders, you get to activate new gifts and interests in your child’s life while connecting with other families and loving God through service to others.


August 13, 2023 – January 28, 2024

Bible Blast meets Sundays evenings, 6p – 7p (Memory Room opens at 5:30p). This is an immersive, parent-led program for families with kids ages 4-years through 5th-Grade. The goal is simple: parents reading the Bible with their kids on the couch. This family-centered, parent-led program is designed to equip parents, in community, to teach their kids how to search and memorize the scriptures.

2023-24 CALENDAR

We regularly email out resources and event information to home leaders. Email our Director of Child Discipleship, Zack Ripley, at [email protected] to be added to our email list.

2023 Events

  • 29: Ministry Work Day (New Room)
  • 30: Hands on the Nations
  • 30: Moving Up Orientations (Parent/Child Orientation for Rising Fusion56 Students)
  • 6: Move-Up Sunday
  • 6: Fall Onboard Training Lunch
  • 13: Fun Blast (Bible Blast Kick-Off with Pizza!)
  • 29: Imagination Celebration: Equipping and Send-Off Lunch
  • 31: Imagination Celebration
  • 12: OCC Packing Party (Bible Blast “Speed Blast”)
  • 13 – 20: OCC Drop-Off Week
  • 3 – 24: BC Kids Advent Resources
  • 17: Christmas Blast (Bible Blast)
  • 17: BC Kids Living Nativity
  • 24: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
  • 31: Hands on the Nations

2024 Events

  • TBD: Winter Onboard Training Lunch for Sunday Teams
  • 28: Bible Blast Award Ceremony
    • 1: Children’s Ministry Expo
    • 31: Hands on the Nations
    • 7: 4th Grade Classes Launches
    • 27 – 31: VBS Family Project Week
    • 2: VBS Commissioning Prayer & Volunteer Training Lunch
    • 3 – 7: Vacation Bible School
    • 30: Hands on the Nations (4th Graders Serve)
    • 27: 4th Grade “Fun Day”
    • 28: Moving Up Orientations for Parent/Child of Rising Little Explorers, BC Explorers, and Fusion56 Student


    Zack Ripley
    Holly Krebs
    Asst. director of child discipleship


    It takes a village!

    Safety Note for Families: All adults serving in BC Kids pass background checks every 3 years and are trained in safety policies and procedures.