We want to take a moment and celebrate Alyssa Quarles for her remarkable love and service to the BC family as our Events, Communications, and Administrative Assistant for the past 3 years. She recently began a new career as a 3rd-Grade Teacher at Metro Christian Academy to pursue her calling as an educator, and we couldn’t be more proud!

If you’re reading this, there’s a strong chance you’ve experienced the joy of working with Alyssa. As a staff, we’ve often joked that she does “all the things,” but it’s no exaggeration. From coordinating events and volunteers to maintaining our website and communication and managing our pastors’ busy schedules and endless to-dos, she has faithfully served every area of BC with grace, brilliance, and joy. Did we mention WITH JOY!

Alyssa and her husband, Nathan, have been faithful small group leaders and plan on remaining active in their small group and present in the BC family. As a staff, we’re still grieving a new reality without her on the team (please pray for us), but we know that her new and exciting role is exactly what our Lord Jesus has for her.

On behalf of ALL of BC, we celebrate and cheer you on, Alyssa! We love you, and we’re grateful for how you’ve done “all the things.” More than that, we’re grateful for your beaming Christ-likeness and gracious love — a love that you’ve consistently expressed to everyone around you. Thank you!

BC fam, please join us in celebrating and praying over Alyssa and Nathan as they jump headfirst into a new adventure. The next time you see Alyssa, take a moment to encourage and thank her.