A Psalm for Deliverance

By Sarah Ward

Based on Psalm 70 from The Passion Translation

Please Lord, come quickly and deliver me from man pleasing.
God, show me Your favor and restore me from soulish enemies I thought I had overcome.

Let all fears, insecurities, and self-absorption seeking to steal my life be utterly destroyed.
God, send them sprawling, all that usher evil; they all work to kill Your life in me.

Scoff at every vice rooted in man pleasing and cause their seeds to not germinate.
Let them be uprooted and destroyed into a fiery grave.

But let me passionately seek You and erupt with contagious excitement and joy
over all Jesus has done on the cross!

Let me join in a community of fellow believers who continually rejoice in Jesus,
say aloud, “How Great and Glorious is our God!”

Lord, in my place of need for human validation,
won’t You, turn Your heart toward me and rush to help me?

For You are my Savior and I’m always in Your thoughts.
So, don’t delay to deliver me from intimidation, for You are my God.

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