A Psalm for Someone Looking Ahead at an Overwhelming Task

To the tune of “All By Myself”

By Lee Fruh

This is inspired by the overwhelming feeling I am having as I look ahead at the building project I am starting today.

I am tired, I am overwhelmed
Life is sitting on my chest and suffocating me

I stand at the boarder of the promised land
And haven’t the strength to enter

Did You bring me here to fail?
Did You invite me to a feast only to stand me up?

What if I run out of energy to build
And I am left with half-finished shell?

What if my money runs out
And I spend my days welcoming pilgrims to Walmart?

But I remember my history with You
You have never failed, never left me holding my hands out

Everything that has happened in my life
Has led me to better things

Even the hard, the bad, the injust things that have happened to me
Have turned out for my good and for Your glory

You have never let me down
And you never will

So I will trust You
I will follow You one day at a time

And in the end, no matter what happens in this life
I will commune with You and with the people I love, forever

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