A Psalm on the Character of God

By Carla Matthews

My God, Almighty King,
You are compassionate and gracious, slow to anger,
abounding in loyal love and faithfulness.

You are compassionate.
Your kindness to me is reflected in the beauty and color of your creation.
The bright green of the new spring growth of the leaves on the trees.
The deeper green of the summer growth.
The dark green of the evergreen trees.
Not just green, a spectrum of green.
You created us to respond body, soul and spirit to beauty.
Our eyes search our vista for the shout of color in the flowers in the garden,
the subtle gradients of hue in a sunrise, the blazing colors of the sunset.
I see Your compassion in the beauty of Your world.

You are gracious.
Your grace to me is reflected in the love of my family that surrounds me.
The constancy of their love through the good, the bad and the ugly.
The hug that shares that love, heart to heart.
The shared cup of coffee in the morning,
the shared glass of wine in the evening.
Rejoicing and weeping – a shared love for all seasons.
Their love is Your grace to me that enables me to be a giver of Your love and grace to others.

You are slow to anger.
Your mercy displayed to me when I stumble and fail and flog,
choosing poorly in the moment.
Your gentle hand of correction and reproof that seeks always to transform,
to purify, to grow me in righteousness.
Mercy with consequence.

You abound in loyal love.
The love of my Heavenly Father for His daughter is seen in Your daily provision.

Generously abundant food, enough to share.
Generously abundant song, enough to share.
Generously abundant peace, enough to share.
Generously abundant home, enough to share.

You are faithful.
You are always there.
My Immanuel.

The character of our God does not change.
It is not as a fickle wind or shifting sand.
It is a solid rock, a sure foundation, a refuge from the storm.

I trust in you, my God, my King.
Forever and ever Your kingdom will stand – a sure and good thing.

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